Simple Migraine Remedies

Migraine Treatment

Essential oils have become very popular lately, and it is no surprise since they are so useful in health related applications. Lavender, peppermint and basil can be used individually or as a proprietary blend to help alleviate headache pain. Lavender not only has a lovely scent, but is relaxing and may relieve some of the tension causing the headache. Peppermint and basil both help muscles and blood vessels to relax, increasing blood flow and oxygen to the brain. These oils offer natural and simple migraine remedies for people who have previously found little relief.

Although research has not verified that certain foods can trigger a migraine, some people have been able to prevent the headaches by eliminating some foods from their diet. It is not only foods that seem responsible for the onset of a migraine, but about one third of sufferers should avoid alcohol. It seems that red wine has been identified as the worst offender, but other types of alcoholic drinks can also cause headaches. In addition, fermented, pickled foods and foods containing MSG can trigger a migraine.

Perhaps one of the most simple migraine remedies is scalp massage. Massaging the base of the skull where the occipital nerve is located can immediately alleviate migraine headaches. Reflexology massage which targets specific reflex points located on the feet and hands has also been useful in treating headache pain.

Some migraines can be caused by inflammation, and people who add omega-3 fatty acids to their health regime of daily healthcare regime often find the incidence of migraine headaches is reduced. Some other naturally occurring substances that help to prevent migraine headaches include Feverfew and Buckwheat. Both of these plant derivatives help to reduce the inflammation which is often contributing to the occurrence of migraine headaches.

There are many other remedies available to people who suffer from migraine headaches. And of course, there are many other causes.

Taking a look at your diet and possible foods that cause your migraines is a good idea. For more information on foods that can trigger a migraine, especially gluten, you can find some great information at

Remember to check with your doctor before you make major changes to your diet or exercise routine.